Hector Serna

Born: Houston, TX. 

Currently living in N Y C


Kansas City Art Institute         2002-2006                BFA Painting                                                      Kansas City, MO

California College of Art         2001-2002                 Illustration / Painting                                        Oakland, CA

HSPVA                                     1997-2001                  Fine Art                                                              Houston, TX


Solo Exhibitions

High Standard Low Morale    Aug. 2013                  TenderTrap Bar                                                   Brooklyn, NY

Always Something                 May2013                  Old Souls Tattoo                                                 Kansas City, MO

Weekend Prince                    Aug. 2010                  Yes Gallery                                                           Brooklyn, NY

Blanco Y Negro                     Jan. 2010                   By and By                                                            Brooklyn, NY

Mondo Magic                        Jan.2007                    Boontling Gallery                                                Oakland, CA


Group Shows

The Met Staff Show              Aug. 30, 2017            The Metropolitan Museum Of Art                       New York , NY

DEBTFAIR            The Whitney Biennial 2017        The Whitney Museum Of American Art             New York , NY

I Can't Dance                        July 22 2015              Three Kings Studio Gallery                                 Brooklyn, NY

14 Years & Runnin'                Feb. 13 2015              East End Studio Gallery                                       Houston, TX

The Crew 2                           Sept. 2014                  Court Square Studios                                          Long Island City,NY

Better Days                           July 2010                    Yes Gallery - 2 person show                               Brooklyn, NY

Draw                                      June 2010                   Museo De La Ciudad                                          Mexico City, MX

Art Of Zines                           March 2010                 Anno Domini                                                       San Jose, CA

 Shitbeams Vol.2                    Oct. 2009                   The Pony Club                                                    Portland,OR

Conversation Piece               Sept. 2009                 The Screamer Company                                    Austin,TX

Draw                                       April 2009                  The Shooting Gallery                                          San Francisco, CA

The Great Tulip Scandal       May 2009                    Kingston Art Society                                           Kingston, NY

Generation Gap                     Feb. 2009                   Kingston Art Society                                           Kingston, NY

Good Enough To Eat             Jan.  2009                   Kingston Art Society                                           Kingston,NY

Dead Spaces                         Oct. 2008                    Lobot Gallery                                                       Oakland, CA

Shitbeams On The Loose   June 2008                   The Smell                                                            Los Angeles, CA

Intersection: Interpretations Of The Human Form   Oct. 2007   Rockhurst University                       Kansas City, MO

SOS Charity Auction             Aug. 2007                    The Bakery                                                          Kansas City, MO

The 8.5 x 11 Show                 March 2007                  The Bakery                                                          Kansas City, MO

Fully Blown                           March 2007                   Division 9                                                            Riverside, CA

Artistas Corresponsales En Tiempos De... Feb. 2007  Museo Del Periodismo                                  Guadalajara, MX

Dia De Los Muertos              Nov. 2006                    Guadalupe Art Center                                        Kansas City, MO

Full Deck: La Loteria            Aug. 2006                     Mattie Rhodes Gallery                                       Kansas City, MO

Don't Wake The Beast        May 2006                       The Dragon                                                        Covina, CA

The UNK Board Show         Jan. 2006                      The Unknown Gallery                                        Salt Lake City, UT

Puppet Masters                   Oct. 2005                       Monarch Gallery                                                 Kansas City, MO

 Guelaguetza: A Harvest Of Culture    June 2005    Mattie Rhodes Gallery                                       Kansas City, MO

New Blood                           April 2005                      Monarch Gallery                                                 Kansas City, MO

War On Visual Pollution      Oct. 2003                       The Fire House Gallery                                      Witchita, KS

Meat Annex                          Feb. 2002                     Fullertons University Art Center                      Santa Ana,CA    


Awards and Publications

Cover ArtforLas Rosas Self Titled EP printed on Casstte and LP. Burger Records www.burgerrecords.org

Eight page Spread in "Shitbeams On The Loose 2"   October 2009  Published by Revival House Press. First Edition of 500  Brooklyn, NY www.revivalhousepress.com

Six Page Spread in "Shitbeams On The Loose " April 2009 Published by Tender Loving Empire. First Edition of 300 Portland, OR www.tenderlovingempire.com

Winner of First Annual Lester Goldman Drawing Award . Issued by The Kansas City Instutute Class 2006

Sneaker Freaker Issue#5 and Sneaker Freaker The Book ,  D.I.Y Sneaker Customizing Competition. Featured as 1 of 99 best custom sneakers worldwide.

F5 Weekly Newspaper Issue #35 Volume 1 October 30, 2003  Painting on Front Page, Featured in "War On Visual Pollution" Article